Maintenance Plans

Is your computer running slow? Is it crashing? Or just not running the way that you think it should. You probably have things on it that you don't need (or don't even know about). A maintenance plan will unobtrusively keep things off, apply security updates to keep you safe and secure.

There is a maintenance plan for you.

Software, operating systems and plug-ins are being updated constantly to fix security vulnerabilities. Patches and service packs need installed as soon as we approve them. Some things can be updated automatically but some call for manual installation. We can do this for you.

Maintenance cannot be overlooked

Backups on and off-site are a must. No matter how careful you are, things go wrong sometimes. Hard drives crash and data is lost. It could be that someone simply deleted something by mistake. You have to make sure that you have current back ups of your data in multiple secure locations. On and off-site backups are a must. Off-site back ups are sent and stored using AES-256 encryption with a private security key that only we know. Your data is safe and secure when you need it.


Purchase BLOCKS of time at reduced rates. Call when you need help and enjoy these benefits

- Someone to call for help

- First come first served

- Instant remote support

- FREE Network assessment

- FREE Backup assessment

- Any Recommendations

Pro (preferred)

Purchase a yearly plan at reduced rates. We will take care of just about everything for you.

- 1 hour call-back

- Daily Monitoring

- Priority support

- Instant remote support

- Network Maintenance

- Anti-Malware Fee's

- Anti-Exploit Fee's

- Anti-Ransomware Fee's

- On-site Backup

- Security Checks

- Off-site Backup Fee's

- Workstation Maintenance

- Updates

- Performance Tuning