About Microconetics

We have been around for awhile

Microconetics was established in 1988 in Indiana Pennsylvania and is a full service computer company that caters from small to large business as well as individuals. Our main office is now located in Derry Pennsylvania but most of our customers are located in the Indiana, Armstrong and Clarion county areas.

We take pride in the fact that if we don't fix it, you don't pay for it. Most of our business has been acquired by word of mouth because that's what we belive in. So, the next time you have a need for computer support, give us a try.

We know that you will be pleasantly surprised.

MISSION: Our mission is to make your technology simple and reliable for you while we seem to not exist. We try to work when you don't so that we don't have to bother you while you're busy.

VISION: Our vision is to make sure that everyone that calls us feels like their problem is the most important problem to us right now and take whatever steps are necessary to make sure they get fixed and create a long-term relationship.